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New Visualisation Series

JVC Professional has just launched a complete range of projectors for professional visualisation applications. The DLA-VS Series features versions with both conventional light sources and also a brand new laser-phosphor light source, for stable, long-life operation. The projectors can be ordered with a standard zoom lens (ZG models) or without a lens (G models) for use with dedicated high-grade wide angle lenses.

The models with the standard light source are already in use around the world in Air Traffic Control and flight simulators. The DLA-SH7 Series of larger 4K projectors are also used for those applications, along with screening for planetariums. Since 2008, approximately 3000 projectors have been delivered to the simulation market. For more information, you can request our white paper to learn about D-ILA technology and about the new laser phosphor technology.

D-ILA devices – projectors that deliver outstanding levels of contrast – have for many years been providing industry professionals and consumers with excellent results. The newly developed DLA-VS2300/VS2500 industrial-use projectors have been designed to produce optimal results for simulators. Regardless of the image being presented on-screen, be it a bright daylight scenario or a dark night scene, the DLA-VS2300/VS2500 has been developed to reproduce a realistic image. The proprietary technology in these D-ILA devices has been optimised and, as a result, the outstanding ‘luminance efficiency’ delivers a very high contrast image, which is one of the main advantages of using the laser-based light source. Compared with an approach that combines an LED with a DLP device, a projection system that combines a laser light source with a D-ILA device has proven to be a winning combination, delivering superior directionality and high brightness.

JVC’s proprietary D-ILA devices deliver high-contrast images by harnessing a light source created by combining highly efficient laser light with phosphor.* This high contrast gives outstanding reproduction of blacks, which can be particularly striking during simulations that take place at night.

Combine a laser with phosphor (a fluorescent substance) and the resulting light source registers a brightness of 1100 lumens. Furthermore, compared with lamp-type models, this new approach delivers stable and fresh, clear images over long periods.

DLA-VS2500G (without lens) / DLA-VS2500ZG (with lens)
D-ILA projector with BLU-Escent light source and e-shift3 4K upscaling technology

DLA-VS2300G (without lens) / DLA-VS2300ZG (with lens)
D-ILA projector with BLU-Escent light source

DLA-VS2400G (without lens) / DLA-VS2400ZG (with lens)
D-ILA projector with e-shift3 4K upscaling technology

DLA-VS2200G (without lens) / DLA-VS2200ZG (with lens)
D-ILA projector