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HEIST 2 shot using our GY-LS300 4K camcorder

JVC presents HEIST 2, a short video produced in association with Delimex, Belgium, and shot using JVC’s brand new large sensor GY-LS300 4K camcorder. After the initial interest in Delimex’s previous video, ‘HEIST’, which was shot on a pre-production model of the GY-LS300 handheld camera in 1080p HD, this new sequel has been shot entirely in 4K on the GY-LS300.

The original HEIST short film demonstrated the capabilities of the camcorder in 1080p HD, while the sequel unlocks the full potential of 4K resolution. Werner Sas, owner of Delimex and director of the HEIST series, emphasises the versatility of this new camcorder, and has created the series to demonstrate several real-life uses for the camcorder. “There were many aspects of the GY-LS300 that I really loved – its flexibility with lenses, the compact form factor and the intrinsic quality of the camcorder and its recording codecs,” explained Werner Sas. “These all really helped enable shots that would otherwise be impossible, yet still maintained a low budget for the production.”

A behind-the-scenes video of the series will be released shortly, showing how the GY-LS300 was used to create these two short films, including commentary from the filmmakers. 

HEIST (1080p):
HEIST 2 (4K):
Making of HEIST - JVC GY-LS300 in action: