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GY-HM600 camcorder captures a fox rescue

The Wildlife Aid Foundation used one of our GY-HM600 camcorders to capture a fox rescue in New Malden, South-West London. MOTEST garage contacted The Wildlife Aid Foundation when they discovered a fox hiding under a car they were servicing. The fox appeared injured and didn't want to move, even when tempted with sausages by the garage workers.

One arrival, the GY-HM600 camera operator filmed Johnny, one of the wildlife rescuers, grasp the fox quickly and remove her from under the car. The fox was brought back to the hospital to receive treatment on an injury on her front left leg. The fox is now quietly recuperating in a warm pen. The GY-HM600 is small and light with a versatile form factor, perfect to take out when travelling between locations. The camera operator at The Wildlife Aid Foundation comments "The camera is very easy to use, flexible and handy. I particularly like the range of the zoom lens, it's perfect for the variety of subjects that I have to film."

Watch the rescue here.

GY-HM600 camcorder captures a fox rescue