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GY-HM650 Camcorder with Firmware Update Version 2.0

New Firmare Upgrade Vesion 2.0 for the GY-HM650 Camcorder is now available. In addition to the well-known features, you will experience a whole new set of functionalities, regardless whether you have already added the GY-HM650 to your product line or just decide to do so. The new features can also be updated easily and free of charge. Get ready to be stunned by a bunch of new interesting functions and improvements.


New Features:

  • Background FTP transmission:
    Once the file transmission via FTP has started, you can continue your recording session. The progress of the FTP transmission (time remaining and status in case of an interruption) be displayed on the LCD throughout the recording. The following secure protocols are supported by FTP: FTP/FTPS/FTPES/SFTP
  • Clip Trimming:
    You would like to select a particular scene of your recordings? Just switch to the playback mode and crop the file to the desired image or scene. Since the camcorder creates a new cropped file, your original file will remain the same. Sending only the content, you need allows you to benefit from shorter FTP transmission times and save data transfer cost.
  • Live streaming:
    The dual encoder makes it possible: Recording on the main SD Card and running a live video stream over
    the network at the same time. Just set up a network connection could via: wired adapter (USB Ethernet adapter) LAN or WIFI, and, depending on your country, by means of GSM* *A USB GSM Dongles will be required. Please contact us or visit our website for hardware and providers support.
  • Current streaming formats:                            
    1920x1080/60i/50i with 5 or 2.5 Mbps
    1280x720 /30p/25p with 3 or 1.5 Mbps
    720x480/576i with 0.8 Mbps
    Audio AAC in HD with 128kbps and SD with 64kbps.
  • AVCHD mode:
    As of now, your multi-format camcorder supports two additional HD formats:
    1440x1080 with 9 Mbps, called LP mode
    1440x1080 with 5 Mbps, called EP mode
    More flexibility and functionality when it comes to recording.
  • Backup recording:
    The above mentioned new format can also be used along with backup recording.
  • Recording in two different HD formats:
    Thanks to the added AVCHD codec and the integrated dual encoder, you can now record your images in 2 different HD formats at the same time.
  • Additional Proxy Video Web Format:
    We added an ½ HD (960x540 pixel) 30p/25p/24p 3Mbps MOV/H.264 format to the functional scope. Experience web-format imaging at a whole new standard of high quality.
  • SD recording quality:
    A number of improvements to the encoder provides for optimal SD recording quality.
  • Metadata:
    While the recent updates included the option to add Metadata via the remote features, users are now
    also able to apply a control function for that data that can be called up directly on the status display, so that you always know, which of the metadata is currently being in use. Moreover, thanks to a number of “clear metadata” features, you will now be enabled to start a whole
    new recording session, without first having to call up said data. Metadata can also be added offline via Metadata editing tools, which are available as download from our website and suitable for both, MAC and PC. Create or edit the metadata directly on your PC, save it on your FTP server, and have it imported to your camcorder via the FTP Metadata Import.
  • Expanded Focus:
    This new feature enables you to zoom in on the image at the touch of a button, so that you can apply the focus in a much easier and precise way.
  • Favorites Menu:
    Calling up your favorites list has never been easier and simpler: All it takes, is a long push on the menu button and your favorites list´s going to show up right away.
  • Knee Point settings:
    2.5 % steps ranging from 85% to 100% allow you to widen the scope of fine adjustments when it comes to the knee point settings.
  • White peak:
    The functional scope of the white peak set up has been expanded to 103%.
  • Overexposure warning:
    We also added a new function to the LCD or view finder: Provided you´d like to reduce the light factor, just apply the ND filter, as this setting enables you to add an alert function in the form of a blinking “F” whenever the value exceeds the capacity which is limited to F8. This is particularly important when it comes to your vision, as your iris gets smaller and thus may lead to a “washing out” of the image area.
  • More flexibility thanks to new REC-button assignment:
    Since some of you missed a white balance button next to the front REC-button, we changed the REC-button assignment, thus it´s possible to use the button for both functions, REC and White Balance.
  • GPS information:
    GPS information can be shown as a thumbnail in the display status menu.
  • More remote and control features via network: The remote and control functions come up with a number of more features, which are usually only listed in the specifications of high-grade studio RCUs. From adjustments to the lens and gain factor over white balance through to paint options, there´s are lots of new functions to explore. The web-based built-in controller even allows you to manage your network settings. Just imagine, you could run a live stream and, at the same time, control your camcorder from any place thanks to a return internet connection.
  • Camcorder menu is finally available in multi-languages:
    English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian languages are available.

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