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Super LoLux HD VM Software

Super LoLux HD software benefits
(New Super LoLux HD Software brochure now available)

Future-proof video surveillance solution for recording and viewing live images from up to 64 cameras. Gear up for the future with the complete Super LoLux HD Series: your Super LoLux HD camera installation already offers cutting-edge IP video technology, such as megapixel/HD resolution or multi streaming, and now the Super LoLux HD VMS offers much more, with video surveillance features, such as live view, image recording (standard and alarm recording) and control of up to 64 cameras.


Furthermore, it provides all the benefits of a software solution using IT standards: install the SuperLoLux HD video management software on any PC in your network and experience the power of a professional next-generation video surveillance tool.

Image Recording

• Standard and alarm recording
• User-defined recording period
• Alarm and event list
• Recording on standard IT hardware
• Access to recordings from surveillance
or archive mode
• Support of all current video standards
such as MJPEG, MPEG4, H.264

PTZ Control

• Configuration of preset positions for PTZ cameras
• Joystick control
• Preferred PTZ control
• PTZ control via software panel or point and click

Remote Access

• Worldwide access to your SuperLoLux HD server via LAN, WAN, VPN, NAT

Motion Detection

• Support of camera based video motion
• Automatic alarm via audio, email etc.

Image Export

• Export of image data: automatically or manually, encrypted or uncoded
• Export as video stream or as single images
• Import and viewing of image data in SuperLoLux HD Offline Viewer

The Software is available now in the following versions:


Super LoLux HD 9 - 9 channel version
Super LoLux HD 12 - 12 channel version
Super LoLux HD 24 - 24 channel version
Super LoLux HD 36 - 36 channel version
Super LoLux HD 64 - 64 channel version

For more information please see the SuperLoLux HD VMS Brochure

The software is available to download for a 30 day free trial from the JVC Professional support site. Users must contact JVC during this period if they wish to purchase the software.

Download your 30 day SuperLoLux HD VMS trial here

For pricing information please contact your local JVC Professional sales manager.

SuperLoLux HD VMS is powered by SeeTec